What is Gum Infection?

Gum infection is a fairly common oral health problem that can have a variety of causes and can potentially have severe consequences if left untreated in some cases.

What is a Gum Infection?

A gum infection is an acute infection of the soft tissues of the oral cavity, which can result from untreated gum disease or other factors such as trauma to the gums, poor oral hygiene, or a compromised immune system, etc. The following are dental problems/diseases that can manifest as a gum infection:

  • Gum Disease
  • Trauma
  • Ulcers
  • Dental Abscess
  • Infection (Bacterial/viral/fungal)
  • Oral Cancer and other misc pathologies

When to see a dentist for treatment?

If you notice any signs of gum infection or experience discomfort in your gums, it is crucial to schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible. Early intervention and diagnosis is essential to successful treatment and prevention of disease progression.

Additionally, regular dental checkups, at least twice a year, are vital for maintaining overall oral health and detected asymptomatic problems.