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    Many adults have deep-seated dental fears that stems from the early days of scary school dental visits or dealing with that extremely painful root canal. It is important to ensure your child has a positive experience during their dental checkups. We want you and your child to feel comfortable at our clinic.

    Why do children need to visit dentist from young?

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    The inadequate brushing and the exposure to sugary food increases the build-up of harmful bacteria. With poor feeding habits such as leaving the bottle with the baby overnight, dental caries can develop quickly in an oral environment full of harmful bacteria. Also, defective teeth are hard to detect during teething. This is why toddlers and children often have dental caries and tooth decay, teething problems and malocclusion/misaligned teeth. Among these childhood dental problems, tooth decay is the most common.

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    Children can be prone to poor oral hygiene and teeth decay.

    Most toddlers and children under six have not developed their motor skills fully. This affects how they hold their toothbrushes, their brushing techniques which often lead to inadequate brushing. Poor feeding habits, like leaving milk bottle overnight with the baby, along with the exposure to sugary food contribute to the quick build-up of harmful bacteria around the teeth and causes teeth decay.

    These dental issues put toddlers and children highly vulnerable to frequent tooth decay and dental caries, which may also lead to other dangerous health complications.

    The last baby teeth need to hold their place up till the age of 12/13 years. Poor oral hygiene at a young age can often lead the tooth pain and loss of primary teeth with due to dental decay and infection. Losing them prematurely may cause alignment problems with the teeth and affect facial development.


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    Maintaining the health of baby teeth is important to grow healthy permanent adult teeth.

    While the permanent adult teeth will eventually replace primary teeth (“baby” teeth), many may not have realised that baby teeth have important functions. The last baby teeth need to hold their place up till the age of 12 to 13. Losing them prematurely may cause alignment problems with the teeth and affect facial development.

    Besides serving as space holders for permanent teeth, primary teeth are also important for eating, speech development and facial appearance. Having healthy baby teeth will usually promote better eating habits which help the children to grow an healthier set of adult teeth.

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    Dental Treatments and Restoration for Children

    Prior to the treatment

    Before our dentist begins the treatment, we will help the children to understand in simple terms why they should and feel better by taking good care of their teeth.


    Kids Dentist Singapore - a dentist applying concentrated fluoride on the teen's teeth after cleaning her teeth

    Fluoride Treatment

    Fluoride strengthens enamel layer of the tooth and reduces tooth decay.

    Kids Dentist Singapore - dental sealants are commonly used among children to prevent food trapping in the deep grooves in the teeth

    Dental Sealant

    The sealants are painted on the teeth to cover cavites and prevent food traps.

    Chair side teeth whitening

    Dental Fillings

    Fillings restore tooth from cavities and strengthen the tooth

    Kids Dentist Singapore - tooth are extracted when the tooth is damaged beyond restoration

    Tooth Extractions

    If the tooth is damaged/decayed beyond repair, the tooth will be extracted

    Kids Dentist Singapore - stainless steel crowns are used on children to support their weakened tooth

    Stainless Steel Crowns

    These crowns are used to reinforce the weakened primary tooth for better bite and chew.


    Parents may use Baby Bonus / their child's CDA account to offset the treatment cost.

    Singapore Pediatric Dentistry Society recommends parents to bring their children of no more than 12 months old to visit the dentist. The dentist will assess the child’s oral health and advise the parents on home based oral care to prevent tooth decay.

    If the child’s impression of their first dental visit is only about resolving pain, this will complicate the rest of the procedure and the future ones. Since the first visit is already unpleasant, the experience leaves a bad impression for the child. Rebuilding their trust and confidence toward future dental visits will be harder. We hope to instill the importance of looking after our teeth in young children and guide them to a lifetime of good oral health.

    Getting their teeth checked and cleaned can be a fun and non-threatening activity, especially for a child with a fresh slate. We will also chat about diet and oral hygiene. We hope to protect those baby teeth and prevent the need for children to get any unpleasant dental experiences or go through general anaesthetic.

    As the circumstances vary among the individuals with their ages, it is best to  consult the dentist to assess the growing teeth.

    The upper front teeth will be affected first. Brown spots, chalky white discolouration or small holes may appear in the surface of the teeth.

    We encourage parents to lift the upper lip to check the condition of these teeth. Consult a dentist for a thorough assessments and treatment plan.

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