Invisalign refers to a system of clear aligners that are customised based on the molds of your teeth. It treats common dental issues such as gapping, crowding, or having a misaligned bite - shifting teeth gradually.

Who Can Receive Invisalign Treatment?

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Invisalign will be suitable for older teens and adults who prefer to have a discreet form of braces as compared to the traditional metal braces.

It will also suit those who consume candy and junk food as the static nature of the metal braces may cause food particles to be stuck on your tooth and thus damaging the braces.

With Invisalign, you will experience a painless journey to a more radiant and beautiful smile.

Benefits Of Invisalign

Saves Time and Easy to Remove

Wearing Invisalign to straighten your teeth helps you to save time due to its design. Its design also makes the Invisalign easy to remove from your teeth. This allows you to carry out daily tasks such as eating and brushing your teeth very easily.

Beautiful Smile For A Better Appearance

We are not only committed in treating your teeth, we seek to better your appearance and boost your confidence through appropriately correcting your facial bone structure - the way you chew, the way you speak, as well as the way you breathe - to make you feel good from the inside out.

Improvement in Oral Health

With Invisalign, you can have straighter teeth. In turn, this helps to eliminate crowding and gaps. Doing so will help to improve your overall oral health.

Less Soreness and Pain

Its design makes this invisible braces comfortable to wear such that you will experience less soreness and pain in your teeth.

What to Expect for Your Invisalign Treatment?

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    Pre-Invisalign Assessment

    Before we proceed with the Invisalign treatment, our dentists at AllSmiles Dental will carry out a pre-treatment assessment for you. This will involve finding out whether you are suitable for this treatment.

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    Invisalign Treatment

    Once the pre-treatment assessment is completed, you will be provided with your first set of Invisalign along with tiny tooth-colour nodes to be attached to some of your teeth to assist your aligners in their movement. 

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    Once the entire treatment has been completed, the tooth-coloured nodes that were previously placed on your teeth will be removed. Your teeth and gums will be thoroughly cleaned as well.

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The cost of treatment for Invisalign is starts from S$3,500 depending on the complexity of your case.

Invisalign is considered as a form of non-essential aesthetic treatment and is usually not covered even with a dental cover in most insurance plans.

This depends on the severity of the crookedness of your teeth. Invisalign will be a viable option if your teeth is not so crooked.

Wearing retainers are highly recommended so as to prevent your teeth from shifting back into its original position, as well as for stability to be achieved. This process of stabilization may take up to a year.

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