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Dental Checkup

At AllSmiles Dental, we have an experienced dental team and modern facilities to provide the most holistic dental care treatments for our patients.

About Dental Check-Up

Been putting off your routine dental check-up? Feeling a nagging sensation that something is not quite right in your mouth? Dental visits should not be reserved for when something goes wrong. Dental decay is a very sneaky disease that usually does not cause any sensitivity until it penetrates the deeper layers of the tooth. Also, gum disease can cause irreversible damage when detected too late.

We are not trying to scare you into visiting us, but we strongly believe in preventive care and keeping visits easy and comfortable. Routine dental check-ups with a regular dentist helps maintain your healthy smile and detect any issues before they become major and painful.

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Getting Your Teeth In Check

We will provide you with a detailed examination and discuss any further treatment requirements while keeping your visit comfortable and reassuring. Feel free to chat to us about home care too!


Generally, we advise scaling and polishing to be done every 6 months (twice a year) to maintain good oral health. This may vary individually according to dentist's advice.

While brushing and flossing regularly at home helps to prevent the formation of plaque, there will always be areas which are hard to reach with home oral health tools. Dentists use scaling and polishing tools to reach and clean hardened calculus in these areas.

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