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    Orthodontic Treatment

    Feeling conscious about the irregularities of your teeth? Braces are designed to straighten overcrowded or crooked teeth, in turn restoring the confidence in you to look great and feel great!

    Who Should receive Orthodontic Treatment

    Braces are recommended for individuals with overcrowded or crooked teeth. Misaligned teeth often create areas of food and stain trap, which can be difficult to clean and maintain. This may potentially lead to tooth decay, gum problems, and early loss of teeth.

    While it is recommended to begin orthodontic treatment at an earlier age of 10 to 13 years old, braces are not just for kids. It helps to correct a variety of orthodontic problems that can be faced by all ages. You are never too old for a beautiful smile, so do not let age prevent you from seeking a consultation if you feel that you might need it.

    Some common orthodontic problem which require braces (but not limited to):

    Orthodonist Treatment - Graphics of a teeth structure (Overbite)

    Over Bite

    Orthodonist Treatment - Graphics of a teeth structure (Underbite)

    Under Bite

    Orthodonist Treatment - Graphics of a teeth structure (Crossbite)

    Cross Bite

    Orthodonist Treatment - Graphics of an open bite teeth structure

    Open Bite

    Orthodonist Treatment - Graphics of a teeth structure (Overcrowding)

    Overcrowded Teeth

    Orthodonist Treatment - Graphics of a teeth structure (Widely Spaced)

    Widely-Spaced Teeth

    Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatment

    Healthier Gums

    If you have been suffering from bleeding gums for a prolonged period, it may be due to misalignment in teeth. Misaligned teeth are more difficult to clean and may even cause gum recession, gingivitis (gum inflammation) and gum diseases. Braces help to reduce such problems for a healthier gum and oral health.

    Beautiful Smile For A Better Appearance

    We are not only committed in treating your teeth, we seek to better your appearance and boost your confidence through appropriately correcting your facial bone structure - the way you chew, the way you speak, as well as the way you breathe - to make you feel good from the inside out.

    Minimizes Development Of Tooth Decay

    Aligned teeth makes proper oral care and hygiene easier to be put into practice for healthier teeth.

    Correct Upper And Lower Jaw Bite Problems
    (Aka Dental Occlusion)

    With braces, your jaw can be repositioned to allow your teeth to be carefully adjusted back to equilibrium. Once the unbalanced bite is corrected, your muscles will likely feel more relaxed. This may in turn relieve headaches, jaw clicking and jaw pain that can be caused by jaw misalignment.

    Types Of Orthodontic Treatment

    close up woman wear brace

    Metal Braces

    Close up Ceramic and Metal Braces on Teeth. Beautiful Female Smile with Self-ligating Braces. Orthodontic Treatment.

    Ceramic Braces

    A woman putting on an invisible brace


    Depending on the condition of your teeth, as well as your lifestyle requirements, we will assess and determine a suitable appliance that is best suited for you. The period of treatment varies across individuals and how complicated their spacing or bite problem is. On average, patients have their braces on for about 12-24 months. To prevent your teeth from moving back into its original position, wearing retainers is also necessary after treatment.


    Anyone who feels uncomfortable with their teeth but are absolutely clueless about what to do to correct it should consult our Orthodontist. Through this consultation, you will be able to better understand the pros and cons of wearing braces, and whether it will be suitable and necessary for you.

    Discomfort is inevitable, especially for the first few days of treatment, when the braces are put on, as well as after tightening. However, most patients adapt and get used to them pretty quickly.

    This depends largely on the complexity of the case. With the advancements of braces types today, the need for extractions can be reduced. In the event where extractions are compulsory, all extracted spaces will be closed up by the end of the treatment.

    Wearing retainers are highly recommended so as to prevent your teeth from shifting back into its original position, as well as for stability to be achieved. This process of stabilization may take up to a year.

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